It’s all well and good being told that ABM (Account Based Marketing) is the marketing strategy that you should buy-into to increase your ROI, but – you need to learn the best way to walk before you can run. If your segmentation isn’t right, then your ABM strategy won’t have the desired effect.

When it comes to marketing segmentation, there are many paths you can take depending on what strategy would best suit your product or service and your company’s objectives. The most common types of segmentation are:

  • Geographic (location based)
  • Demographic (based on factual information about the target market – age, sex etc.)
  • Psychographic (based on personality and lifestyle)
  • Behavioural (based on the individuals’ relationship with the product or company)
  • Benefits Sort (based on the specific benefits the target individuals are looking for from the service or product)

As there are so many options when it comes to segmentation (it can be hard to know where to even start!) we’ve created a 4 step infographic to show you (simply) how you can best prepare to win the ABM race.

Breaking it down: The segmenting guide.

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