Meet the marketing strategy that’s taking the B2B world by storm.

If you work in the world of B2B marketing, then it’s more than likely that you’ve heard someone talking about, or read something to do with, ABM.

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So what is ‘ABM’?

Put simply, Account Based Marketing is a strategy that uses highly personalised marketing techniques (most often used) to target specific, senior, members of organisations within a businesses’ highest value account(s) in order to generate new business in line with account growth targets. It is so highly specific, that it is often thought of as an approach that treats accounts as their own individual markets. Due to this, ABM was once exclusive to big businesses, but now – thanks to advances in technology – it has become widely accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Why does it work so well?

Being such a highly personalised marketing strategy, it means that quality governs over quantity when it comes to capturing leads. Therefore, rather than going out to catch whatever leads you can at the top of the funnel, you capture the ones that matter, the ones that are truly interested in the services or products you offer, resulting in larger sales and increased customer loyalty.

The stats on the use and success of ABM:

  • 84% of marketers who measure ROI have found that ABM delivers significantly higher returns than any other marketing approach.
  • 84% of marketers said that ABM supported the maintenance and growth of existing client relationships.
  • A survey found 92% of companies now recognise the value in ABM with the same percentage of marketers saying globally, that ABM is critically important to their marketing strategy.
  • The same survey found that 47% of companies said that they didn’t feel their ABM teams had the skills needed for ABM and that marketing teams needed more support to succeed at ABM.

To find out more about ABM and the role we can play in helping your business to execute a successful ABM strategy, read our quick guide to ABM.

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