As ABM’s popularity rises with B2B marketers, it seems that new hurdles are appearing when it comes to implementation. A survey conducted on 500 B2B marketers found that they have the ability to identify target accounts, but then struggle to identify the specific decision makers in those target accounts. This is a big issue, as ultimately, without knowing who the right people are that you need to get to within the target accounts, ABM won’t work!

How can influencers help?

Just as we are influenced when making any big purchase (e.g. house buying), we look to those around us for advice on the decisions we make – there are often multiple decision makers (partners, friends or other family members) to consider, and influencers (e.g. previous owners of the house, those who have purchased through the same estate agents and neighbours that live in the area etc.) involved in the buying process. So, when B2B marketers need to identify decision makers within target accounts, they should also be considering who the influencers are too. Even if they can’t establish who the decision makers are, if they can work out who their influencers are, they can use them as a stepping stone to reach the decision makers. Unrival’s Profile Circles involve identifying Decision Makers and their influencers.

CIO Profile Example

So, how do you go about identifying decision makers and their influencers?

As pictures really do tell a thousand words (and we’re fans of pretty images at Unrival), we’ve created a 6 step infographic to show you how to overcome this ABM challenge.


Working through each of these steps should give you an accurate list of people to target so you can finally reach the decision makers in your target accounts and activate your ABM campaign! #winning

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