The bane of many marketers and sales people’s lives is the quality of information in their company CRM systems. You’re trying to send out an e-campaign, or confirm if a contact is still in role, only to discover that their email address is missing, or that their phone number no longer works. Redundant, incomplete and inaccurate data not only hinders sales and marketing performance, it’s also often impossible to know where to even start in cleaning up all that dirty data. To help you begin your clean-up journey, we’ve come up with an infographic (because we like pretty pictures and we think it makes things a lot simpler) to show you our four top data cleansing (and maintenance) tips. Clean Data Infographic Clean CRMs and beyond… The value of clean data is obvious, it simply makes marketing and sales people’s lives a lot easier. However, it needs to be maintained. If you look after it, CRM data has a lot more to offer than you’d probably think. At Unrival, we use our client’s data extracts and refresh them to create our People Maps to support our clients’ targeted ABM campaigns by visually representing relationships and hierarchies within their target accounts. Our People Maps are updated quarterly to maintain their accuracy, allowing for promotions, attrition and restructures. Unrival People Map

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