Over the past year, personalisation has taken the world of B2B marketing by storm. We understand that it’s going to take more than just sending a generalised email with someone’s name in the subject line if we’re going to stand a chance of getting those who matter to take notice. People know that with today’s advances in technology we’re capable of more than that.

So, what is the ‘more than’?

There are many ways to go about creating more personalised and targeted content, one of which is to use ‘big data’ to create profiles and personas based on those key individuals that make up your target audience. At Unrival, we create profile circles based on target individuals’ pains, priorities, motivations and interests, their inner circles and outside influencers and personas which show you how to best to reach your target audience through the channels that they engage most greatly with (we’ve put a picture of these below to show you how they work and because we’re big data visualisation fans at Unrival!).

CIO Profile Example


CIO Persona

These profile attributes and personas are fundamental to understanding your audience. They allow you to segment your audience and directly target your products relevant to their needs – to speak their language.

We use these persona attributes and personas to help navigate our client’s sales and marketing teams, to make more personalised, targeted first contacts.

Beware of jumping the gun!

Some may overlook using the accurate information produced by big data because they believe that it requires an extensive amount of time and resources, but, relying on guesswork can often lead to errors and less successful campaigns.

We’ve created a ‘spot the difference’ infographic to show you the pros and cons of data-led vs. guesswork based profiles and personas, and what this ultimately may mean for your campaigns.

Personas Data-Inspired vs Guesswork Infographic v2

Keep an eye out!

We’re hosting a webinar on the Future of data-driven targeted marketing and we’d love you to join us – you can register your interest here.