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Best Practice: Empowering Sales and Account Teams

Best Practice Series

As part of our best practice series, we asked our CEO Maxwell Painter to share his thoughts on how to empower Sales and Account teams.

Over to you Max!


We sometimes get asked, ‘this insight is amazing, but what do I do with it?’. Like the saying goes…’with great power, comes great responsibility’, so we’ve put together this quick guide to utilising Unrival insights if you’re in a role where you are connecting with clients (be those either new, or existing).

Making Account Planning Magic

Some of the world’s leading software sales leaders are utilising Unrival to level up their account planning process to enable their teams to expand an existing account or find ways into a new prospect or opportunity (e.g. NNN/D).

We chatted to them to compile a list of their best kept secrets!

Action plans (with real action)

Action Plans – Account teams deconstruct the insight and stakeholder maps and make action plans/todo lists in the following ways:

  • By department (e.g. one team focused on connecting with individuals in HR, another in Finance, one in IT)
  • Identifying opportunities for C-Level match making (e.g. past connection)
  • By past experience with your company or product in other organisations (positive or negative), champions vs detractors
  • By Interest – as an example, all the individuals across an account working on transformation, or innovation, or seeking to improve lead-cash metrics.

Our clients often upload the action lists into their CRM so it is always top of mind.

Relationship Analysis – account teams will use the Unrival stakeholder maps as a skeleton to overlay their own data and methodologies. For example, scoring individuals based on strength of relationship to get an overall picture of the account. We have this functionality available in beta for existing clients.


Unrival’s maps provide a pathway for account teams and marketing to connect with individuals in a compliant way. These include:

Account Teams:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile links – allowing for teams to:
    • Connect with individuals in a compliant, non intrusive way
    • Utilise Sales Navigator TeamLink – Establish if the connection is connected to a colleague or team member, improving the chances (and reducing the risk) of the connection engaging with you.
  • Connecting with them in person at upcoming events. The insights may identify the individual speaking at an upcoming event, allowing you to connect with them in person, utilising the knowledge gained through the Unrival insights to connect with them based on their interests.
  • Make connections across your own business – in some cases, an individual may have moved from one company (e.g. BP) to a new company (e.g. AstraZenica). Unrival’s insights help you and your colleagues connect and share information to transition the relationship in a positive way.

For Sales Leadership:

Sales Leadership utilise Unrival’s insights as part of their best practice approach for Quarterly Business Reviews and Deal Reviews with account teams. These reviews use the insights as follows:

Individual Accounts:

  • What progress has the account rep made across the account in the last quarter (using the Unrival map as a visual aid);
  • What are their plans for the next quarter (using the Unrival map as a visual aid);
  • Has the individual identified an area where they need additional support (e.g. technical pre-sales) to build the opportunity?

Across Many Accounts:

  • What are the most common themes, topics, customer interests which are emerging?
  • Is there appropriate resource/skill in our market unit (e.g. “75% of accounts are looking for Machine Learning in ERP expertise, but we only have 2 in-house experts in our region.”)

Why Unrival Is Best Practice

At a strategic level, Unrival helps to not only move accounts forward, but enables you and your colleagues to collaborate and share information; allowing leaders to forward plan based on hiring the right skills based on customer interest; and that account teams are connecting with customers and prospects in a compliant, highly respectful manner.

We’ve found that clients who implement these approaches see not only financial returns, but cultural and behaviour changes which result in more successful people and teams.

We like to think we’re part of a sales transformation revolution!

What are you thinking? What’s your tip?

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