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Matt’s Life at Unrival: Content Creator

Matt’s Life at Unrival: Content Creator

Life at Unrival Series

In this series of blogs, we chat to Unrivalers about who they are, what they do, and everything else in between. This time around, we chat to Matt Webb, a next generation Content Creator in our Bristol team. Go for it Matt!


So…. tell us about yourself!

I’m Matt, a former Teacher, Cultural Ambassador and now Content Creator at Unrival. Based in the Bristol Office, I joined Unrival at the beginning of 2019.


And what do you do at Unrival?

I’m currently creating world class content for our SaaS Platform. It involves finding the most important nuggets of information and piecing it together to create insightful and engaging solutions.


What have you learned about yourself in the time you’ve been here?

Being here has helped me define my own professional ambitions after spending much of my professional life overseas. It’s a completely different working environment for me, so adapting to that has certainly been a learning curve.


What excites you about what you are doing at Unrival?

Unrival operate at such a fast pace, so there is always something to keep us on our toes. Since I arrived, I’ve created a whole array of products and even discussed my work with our world class clients. Now, I can’t wait to finalise the first part of the exciting new project the content team and I are working on.


What’s your favourite city in the world?

This question is easy for me. It’s Tokyo. After graduating university, I spent almost 3 years pre Unrival living in Greater Tokyo. What a place it is. Perhaps the most happening place I’ve ever been to, Tokyo has such a unique way of blending traditional and modern. I can’t wait to return one day soon.


Someone I’m inspired by?

Nobody springs to mind for this one. I did however take an unexpected interest in the work of fashion icon Paul Smith, after creating a project on him earlier this year. I’d say in a general perspective I’m inspired by humility.


A book I’ve been reading/podcast I’m listening to?

I’m particularly interested in East Asian History and Politics, and recently finished reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang. It gives a hugely insightful account of the life of three generations of the same family during the 20th century in China. Recently, I’ve taken a keen interest in the political climate in Korea, which usually inspires my next choice of book.

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