Katie’s Life at Unrival: Growth & Strategic Relationships Lead

In this series of blogs, we chat to Unrivalers about who they are, what they do, and everything else in between. Today, we chat to Katie Norris, who leads our client team. Take it away Katie!


So…. tell us about yourself!

I’m Katie and I’ve been at Unrival for over two years now. I’m based in our London HQ full time. I joined Unrival straight out of university to support the growth of some of our enterprise technology clients.


And what do you do at Unrival?

I now head up our client team, and work with our brilliant Client Development Managers to grow our customer partnerships globally.


What have you learned about yourself in the time you’ve been here?

I’ve learnt so much in my time at Unrival, but the biggest lesson has been to trust my instincts. At Unrival, we’re always encouraged to jump in at the deep end, get out of our comfort zone and trust our gut when making decisions. We’re given a lot of autonomy to drive success, which I’ve always loved.


What excites you about what you are doing at Unrival?

The client team and I get to work with brilliant Sales and Marketing leaders in some of the world’s biggest businesses, supporting them in making important decisions about their GTM strategy. I’m super excited about continuing to build these great partnerships with our customers.


What’s your favourite city in the world?

It’s got to be Barcelona. I was lucky enough to spend some time living in this beautiful city as a student. It’s impossible to ever get bored there. Top tip: visit the olympic swimming pool on the Montjuïc hill for some of the best views of the city!


Someone I’m inspired by?

I saw Emily Chang speak in San Francisco last year and I found her very inspiring. She’s on a mission to expose and change the bro culture of Silicon Valley, which she examines in her book Brotopia (a great read!). I’m always inspired by female leaders and people who are brave enough to speak out and drive change.


A book I’ve been reading/podcast i’m listening to?

I’ve recently read Powerful by Patty McCord, which was fantastic. I loved her insights on Netflix’s growth and the incredible culture they built there. We’ve brought many of her mantras to Unrival, such as ‘don’t treat your employees like children’!

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