Scalable Account-Based Insights are now easy, here’s why.

Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Selling has always in the past come up against one big challenge – scale. As a new technique ABM/ABS/ABX has undoubtably changed the way that B2B businesses engage with clients, particularly in the enterprise, where there are many layers of complex decision making groups. Up until now, this has required heavy financial investment, time and brain power.

But today, we’re changing this.

We’re excited to announce our evolved platform offering, available today to all marketing and sales leaders and innovators across all markets.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been listening to our users, working to further innovate on our account insights platform, already recognised as a unique offering providing unparalleled value across the sales and marketing organisation.

As part of our customer discovery, we consistently heard three messages:
“We love Unrival, but we want a mechanism to scale it, both for users and financially on strategic and new accounts.”
“We want to know about changes immediately as they happen in the account”
“In large account teams, how do we collaborate around insights better”

The ITSMA highlights that out of their 5 priorities for 2020, 2 of these cover three pivotal areas:
1 . Invest more in deep account level insight
2. Strengthen the alignment between marketing and sales.
3. Explore more types of ABX, 1:1, 1:Few and 1:Many

We couldn’t agree more.




Our new platform brings online:

  • Live updates of stakeholders, account news and notifications
  • Increased insights with personality insights available in Q2
  • New collaboration features to allow global account teams to work together around insights
  • Personalisation of insights at scale, replacing our previous ‘Client Lens’ to allow users to change and adapt their view on an account with just a few clicks.
  • A new, highly scalable pricing model.


Our new platform, powered by AI/Machine Learning and our own human methodology coded into a highly sophisticated set of algorithms, allows our users to understand the complex relationships and buying groups that exist in the world’s largest organisations.

We’ve taken everything people love about Unrival, and made it infinitely scalable in every organisation serious about transforming their revenue.

We’ve transformed, are you ready to do the same?

It's easy to get started

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