Advanced recommendations now available

Knowing who to connect with in one of your target accounts can sometimes be very tricky to understand. We’ve now solved that with advanced recommendations.

With every company structured slightly differently, job titles, geographies and departments, we’ve taken the guesswork out of who you should be focusing your attention within an account.

Today, we have launched across all users on our new platform, advanced recommendations, a sophisticated set of filters which enables users to further refine the recommended people based on your specific filters. This way, you can start building and organizing in a very easy and quick way, who you want to target and for what purpose.



Advanced recommendations allows for filtering of all recommended people, by either topic, department or both! This way you can start to build and organise who you want to target and for what reason.

You can click on every person and see where they sit in the company structure. It helps you to understand if they are a decision maker or powerful influencer.

Keep an eye out on this blog for more updates.

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