Salesforce Compatible CSV Export now available

Turning insight into action with a single click.

We’ve enhanced the capabilities of our platform to allow with a single click, the ability to export data and insights straight from Unrival, ready for use in Salesforce as Leads or Contacts.


After talking with our clients, we’ve noticed that in the enterprise environment, there is no single ‘standard’ way in which data is managed. We found this especially to be true when it comes to required fields, workflow processes or having a single view of a prospect or customer record.




Using a flexible CSV approach, created in collaboration with our clients, we have been able to identify a compliant solution which ensures the transmission of data between Unrival and our clients follows industry best practice. Our aim was to also simplify the efforts for Sales Operations/Marketing Operations teams who are frequently the custodians of this data.


We have also directly incorporated tagging as part of this update, to enhance attribution and end-to-end visibility of where an opportunity was first spotted and the results that came from this.


Included in the export functionality is:

  • Person by person insights, including hyperlinks to video content; quotes;
  • Person by person topics/keywords tagged, for improved segmentation and personalisation;
  • Geographic data including city (where available) and country;
  • Social media links including LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile URLs.


We’re working on a number of exciting data related updates as part of our roadmap so stay tuned for more updates.

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